Recapping is the replacement of the capacitors. For older devices or devices that have been in use for a very long time,

the capacitors may leak or dry out due to the heat. Then the capacity changes and it can lead to all kinds of problems.

In addition, modern capacitors offer better characteristics than the components installed more than 20 years ago.

The result of recapping varies depending on the condition of the original capacitors.

It is for example a known problem of the Akai S 1000 / S 1100 series that the capacitors can fail due to their age.

of the power supply, which in some cases results in an overvoltage for the IC’s on the mainboard. The sampler is

then in many cases a total loss. That’s why vintage synthesizers and samplers should get a

Recapping get. The most important thing is the power supply. Additionally, you can swap the capacitors in the signal path. Dried out

Capacitors in the signal path cause bass loss, distortion, level differences or dropouts.

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