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Studio-Services stands by the musician / producer for all technical requirements!

We love what we do

We offer spare parts for a wide range of brands. With various services. There is a recapping service as well as upgrade service.

We also buy your instruments. We will be happy to write you an offer, get in touch via the contact form.

We are also available for all other questions via the contact form.

About our store:

In the store we offer spare parts for different brands.

Especially the character samplers from the 1980-2000 years benefit from modern upgrades.

These include displays and mass storage solutions, as there is a big difference between the two.

to the components installed more than 20 years ago. The modern solutions improve the workflow

and facilitate the producing with the sound generators nevertheless substantially. Also some of the old components are

associated with regular workload and this time is of course missing to produce. Also saves

in the medium term also costs for maintaining the equipment. Such as backlight, the old EL foils.

must be replaced regularly, because they lose their luminosity quite quickly. In addition, it is a

big difference in readability as far as the old displays and the modern alternatives are concerned.